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Lab & Natural Diamonds

How are they different?

How Lab Diamonds are Made

Lab Grown Diamonds, also referred to as Lab Created or Man-Made Diamonds, are grown in an environment that mimics the heat and pressure that naturally creates diamonds in the Earth’s crust. Lab Grown diamonds are made of carbon atoms arranged in the diamond crystal structure, making them have the same chemical and physical characteristics as natural mined diamonds. Only with advanced technology and testers can lab grown diamonds be distinguished from naturally mined diamonds. All Lab Grown diamonds come with a lab certification identifying them as lab created.

How Natural Diamonds Are Formed

Natural diamond formation occurs when carbon deposits deep within the earth (approximately 90 to 125 miles below the surface) are subject to high temperature and pressure. Some stones take shape in a matter of days or months, while others take millions of years to materialize.

What's The Difference?

Lab Diamonds have the same chemical, physical, and optical appearance as mined diamonds. Lab diamonds can only be distinguished from natural diamonds through specialized tools and equipment. To the natural eye, there is no difference. Lab Diamonds have the same fire and brilliance as mined diamonds.

Reasons to Choose a Lab Diamond

Lab diamonds conflict free and socially responsible. Since they are grown in a controlled environment that removes them from being involved with any social conflict surrounding mining diamonds and precious stones.

Lab diamonds offer great value at a more affordable price than natural diamonds of the same quality and size making them much more budget friendly. On average lab grown diamonds are between 30-40% less expensive than traditionally mined diamonds.

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